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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Cruise to the Bahamas GREAT DEAL for Mom!

Instead of posting all sorts of gifts you could get for mom, I though I'd post a gift a mom would like to get for herself on Mothers Day! How about a 3 or 4 night cruise to the Bahamas!

Before you stop reading and say "I could never afford a cruise to the Bahamas!!"....read on. I thought the same thing when my husband brought it me 4 years ago. I had never been on a cruise and frankly it scared me a bit, but I thought you only live once, why not. After researching it I was shocked to see you could go on a cruise to the Bahamas for as little as $189 per person!! Really! We waited to purchase our tickets until close to the last minute, which lowered the price and we took an interior room, which lowered the price.

My only draw back to waiting until the last minute was that the interior room we got was directly next to the anchor! So we heard the anchor going up and down at every stop. Loud as heck, but worth a cruise to the Bahamas for the price. Everything was included in the price, dinner, buffets, entertainment...you name it. I don't even remember paying for a passport...all we needed to have was our birth certificate (check the cruise line as they may vary with what they require).

We were on the Sovereign of the Seas (which has since been retired) and drove to Florida and boarded at Port Canaveral. We checked in on the ship and were off for our weekend cruise in the Bahamas!

Check out this link at the Royal Caribbean website to see some prices and cruise ships.

Port Canaveral in Florida

In the Bahamas in front of our ship.
I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of the tour guides that are waiting around here to drive you on a tour of the Bahamas. It's worth the money and we saw SO much of the Bahamas that I never would have seen on foot.
Small, but we didn't spend much time there anyway. If I can remember, we actually paid around $300 per person for our room on this ship, but checking out the Royal Caribbean link you will find other ships for less at different times.

Docked in Coco Cay and browsing the island.
Sunset at sea

Just a cute picture I took that I love!

Our Itinerary

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Hope this inspires some of you to just go for it and take a cruise if you've never been on one! Treat yourself this Mother's Day and plan a cruise. An adventure out of the country for an inexpensive cost!