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Friday, January 27, 2017

Using a scale to make your portion intake easier

 When starting a diet routine, its important to count calories, at least for a while until you get use to portion size.  A scale is the best way to keep track of your food and calorie intake.  I got my scale years ago and love it.  It is simple to use and you can track ounces or grams.  It's a great use for making up my lunch portions for the work week.  I measure my turkey, carrots, chips, fruit etc, for the week, then put them in baggies and put them in the closet or fridge so all I have to do is grab a bag in the morning and go.   Then I write on the bag how much is in it, so I can keep track of my calorie intake each day on my Spark People phone app.

You can find many scales at Bed Bath and Beyond (Use your discount coupon you can find online or in the mail!) or Walmart, which may be less expensive and is where I found mine.

 Measures Ounces
Measures Grams
I measure all my cold items for the week and put my lunch/snack bag together and put in the fridge.  Then I measure and make a bag for my chips/protein bars/bread so all I have to do is grab my bag(s) in the morning and head out to work.  This would also be great just to use around the house as well.  If you don't feel like measuring everyday, just do it all at the beginning of the week an pull it out when your ready to eat.  Just make sure to mark your bag with how much is in each bag if your counting your calories and using the Spark People phone app to do it!

Enjoying a Mom All Day!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

EAT LESS, WALK MORE! Healthy food options and snacks when trying to lose weight.

Well, I'm back on the fitness track this year!   As of January 1st, I'm eating right again and starting to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day.  So far I've lost at least 6 pounds.  I say at least because I didn't weigh myself on the 1st.  I didn't want to know what I weighed.  I waited until I felt like I had accomplished something to weigh myself, and so far it's about 6 pounds (referencing a weight taken at an October doctors appointment).   Part of the reason I use my blog is for reference of my recipes, and fitness goals!  I wanted to share some of my meals and snacks I've been eating (which are FAR better than the bowls of ice cream and bags of candy I was eating before I decided to take the new years fitness plunge)!  Trust me, its DIFFICULT to start eating right when your not use to it.  You have to go to the store, read labels, count calories and exercise... blah blah blah.  BUT, give it a week, just ONE week of seriously eating less, eating healthy and doing 30 minutes a day of exercise that makes you sweat for that week, and you'll start feeling better and be on a roll to success.  Your body and stomach will thank you.

In past posts, I blogged about great songs to work out or walk to, How many calories you lose by walking around the zoo or amusement park all day, and healthy items I eat that have lower calories, so I just thought I'd share a few photo's of what I've been eating lately that actually are very filling, now that I'm eating healthy.  And I've only been doing it 2 weeks!

NOTE:  All calories listed below are referenced from the Spark People app I use on my phone to count my calories, food intake, and exercise.  Depending on how much of each item you eat, will obviously change your particular calorie intake.  The Spark People App on my phone is so easy and simple to use!   I don't really have to search for any foods.  I just scan the item bar code with my phone, it shows up on my app and then I enter how much of a product I'm eating, and it logs it in automatically into my breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack category.  You can add a product to your "favorites" and it saves it so you can log it in at another time without scanning it again.

ALSO NOTE: I only count calories, I don't look at other things like carbohydrates, sugars etc.  Keeping my calories down, and exercising at least 30 minutes a day is what works for me.   I did it a few years back and lost 70 pounds in 7 months.  Unfortunately I didn't stick to it, so I'm back at it again and I know I can do it.

 3 egg white omelet
1/3 C of Krogers Mexican style cheese,
1 toasted slice Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
I Cant Believe it's not Butter spread

1 slice Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
1oz Sara Lee Honey Roasted Breast of Turkey
Hellmans Light Mayo
1oz Fresh Selection Petite Carrots
Kraft Classic Ranch Dressing, cool & creamy
.6-.7oz Simple Truth Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

1 slice Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
1oz Sara Lee Honey Roasted Breast of Turkey
Hellmans Light Mayo
.5oz Simple Truth Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
1C Dole All Natural Chopped Salad kit, Chipotle & Cheddar

258 Calories1 toasted Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
2oz Sara Lee Honey Roasted Breast of Turkey
Hellmans Light Mayo
14g Tostitos Cantina Chips
Grape Tomatoes

40 CALORIE Fudgsicle and 1/2 TBSP of Peanut Butter spread on it!
YUMMY!  You get a great chocolate and peanut butter snack!
Or just enjoy a Fudgsicle alone for 40 simple calories!

80 CALORIES - Dannon Greek Yogurt
150 CALORIES Think Thin Protein Bars
I love these Dannon Greek Yogurts.  The Vanilla and Toasted Coconut Vanilla are my favorites.  And a great snack for just 80 calories in the big cup it comes in! 

I discovered the Think Thin Protein Bar when I was looking for a chocolate snack with protein.  These are delicious and gluten free for those who are interested in that.
They have so many to choose from for 150 calories.  A great afternoon snack!

I would LOVE for you to share your low calorie meals and snacks ideas with me.   I'm always looking for new ideas to keep things different.   I hope this helped someone who may be looking into eating better or who is already into fitness and looking for new ideas.

Eat Less and Walk more!
Enjoy being a Mom All Day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Handmade Santa and Snowmen wreaths

I've been busy making some new Snowman and Santa wreaths for the Christmas and holiday season. These are nice and bigger than you may think.  About 19" x 17" (give or take)  I usually do craft shows, but haven't booked any this year, so thought I'd put a few things on Etsy.   I do custom items as well, so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests!   These make great Christmas or hostess gifts for yourself or a friend/family member.   MY ETSY SHOP

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Simple Chore Chart idea!

CHORE CHART! Simple, Easy, no "chart" needed! Stick the chore to the bill and clip it up! When your child does the chore, they can take the money and leave the chore behind until next week. Each Monday, we add a new dollar to the chore she did so she can do it again the next week. If she does all 5 chores that week, she makes $5 for the week. If she does 2 chores, she makes $2 etc. I thought if she SAW the money in front of her, she would be more likely to do the chore!  I just used a very thin piece of wood molding I got at Michaels or Home Depot.  A push pin goes right through it and fits on our cork board perfectly.  Then I added some long stickers I found at the dollar store (Deals) to my clothes pins to fancy them up. You could glue some scrapbook paper to them or just paint them as well!  Simple!

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Father's Day

With Father's Day fast approaching, my 6 year daughter is looking for a fun gift for her dad!   We are making a little book for her to draw and write her favorite things about daddy, but she wants to get him something more.   Golf is his favorite past time.  He doesn't get to do it much, but always finds time to practice or get on the course.  So I'm thinking of a golf gift this year.  Something different, something fun, something he won't expect.  On to the hunt!  Any ideas, please comment and let me know what you find! 

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Hints for removing carpet stains!

I know I'm not the only mom who has some sort of stain on their carpet that they can't get out!   My daughter "accidentally" smashed her green goo from her Scooby Doo castle into my carpet.  It's has the consistency of silly putty, but much harder to mold into something.  UGH! 

I tried the method that is used to take candle wax out of the carpet, that didn't work.  It helped a little b/c the "goo" sort of stuck to the paper bag, but it really didn't take it all out.  What it did was leave a brown mark from the "hot" paper back all round it!  UGH.  So I used resolve to get that brown up and made a bigger mess.  A green blob of carpet surrounded by a large white ring of "resolved clean carpet.  Great.  Guess there is no hope for this stain.  I just wanted to post a few carpet cleaning hints I found for you that you may have use for in the future!

How to clean PAINT from CARPET

How to remove a BLEACH stain from CARPET

How to remove GLUE from CARPET

How to remove GRAPE JUICE from CARPET

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Burn calories walking in the zoo or amusement park!

Have you ever been to an amusement park or zoo for hours upon hours and wonder how many calories you may have burned walking around?  Well, with my new found fitness goals, I have.  I walked around the amusement park for 7 hours the other day and thought I HAD to have burned something, but it was such a casual walk, I didn't know if it  would even measure up, so I came home and walked 30 minutes on the treadmill just to be sure I had burned calories that day.  

That night I started researching it.  It is summer after all and we go to the amusement park and zoo quite often now that we have season passes.  So I had to know so I can keep track.  Well, you may be surprised and happy to learn the following:

According to Fitness Health
6. Visit an Amusement Park
Every 31 minutes spent at an amusement park will burn about 100 calories, thanks to the typically spread-out placement of the attractions and the anaerobic exercise effect your body achieves when it tenses up on an exciting ride. Just make sure to pack your own lunch or plan meals before and after your visit, as most amusement park food vendors tend towards fried food, burgers and ice cream.
Bonus: A trip to an amusement or theme park can serve as the centerpiece of a family vacation, and a four-hour stay will burn almost 800 calories. That’s enough to offset some of your other vacation indulgences, such as hours spent relaxing by the pool or an extra serving of dessert.

And according to Cha Cha
Walking around the a theme park for an hour for most people will burn 150 to 200 calories.

And Tops Club Inc said:
39. Head to a county fair or amusement park. You’ll slash 612 calories in three hours from the casual walking and standing in lines. (Subtract 105 calories if you have cotton candy.)

All are similar calorie counts so it gives you something to go by.  I have a feeling my daughter is going to have a fun filled summer at the zoo and amusement park this summer so mom can get her work out in! 

Check out my newest post regarding some lower calorie food and snack items!

Eat Less!  Walk More!
Enjoy being a Mom All Day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Apple, Peanut Butter, Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola treat!

I wanted to share a new snack I found on Pinterest!    This looked so good to me I had to try it, except I just did it as an open face "sandwich" and didn't put a top on it.  I figured I could get more "snacks" if I did them open face, instead of eating two of the apples at once.  If that makes sense.   Anyway I used a large red delicious apple, Smooth Peanut Butter and Bear Naked Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola. YUM

If your counting calories, be sure to note how much apple you ate, and measure your peanut butter and granola.  I bought a kitchen scale from The Biggest Loser and use it to weigh all my items.  It helps so much when I'm logging in my nutrition on SparkPeople.com .  It wasn't to expensive, about $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond plus I used a coupon for it so it was less.

One note.... be sure to crumble the granola well, because the larger chunks can be harsh on your mouth!  At least they can be on mine, so I crumble them small when adding them to the peanut butter.   Enjoy!

Inspiration Photo:

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

What I eat to stay healthy! Healthy Snacks and low calorie ideas!

UPDATE!  September 27th and I've lost 67 lbs as of this morning!  3 more to go for my goal weight by my 10 year wedding anniversary on October 19th.  Think I'll make it by then for sure and maybe try to go 10 more lbs., but will probably just try to maintain after the 3.

It all started in the Spring when I just wanted to lose 10 lbs to feel comfortable on the kiddie rides at the amusement park with my daughter and not feel like a stuffed sausage in the ride.  I have spent almost 4 months now collecting low calorie food idea for my new way of eating!  I've lost 40 lbs  since March 19th and have a list of low calorie foods I  want to share with you so you can add them to your low calorie menu!   According to Sparkpeople.com which I use daily, I personally should be taking in 1200 - 1500 calories a day.  300 for Breakfast, 400 for lunch, 400 for dinner and (2) 200 calorie snacks (which I break down and will eat 4 or more 80 or 90 calorie snacks during the day).   I fudge things and sometimes only have 150 - 205 calories for breakfast, but may eat more for dinner to even it out.  Some days I'm under the recommended calories per day and sometimes I eat out and am way over!  I also work out everyday on the treadmill for 30 minutes at the least.  Ok, some times I miss a day, maybe two, but 99% of the time I'm on there daily for 30 minutes.

So here are just a few examples of items on my list of foods:

Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Muffins - 260 Calories Each

Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Croissant - 290 Calories Each

Gorton's Talapia Fish Filets - 80 Calories Each

Bird's Eye Steamfresh Garlic Baby Peas and Mushrooms - 80 Calories for 3/4 cup (2 servings per bag so approx 160 calories for entire bag... not bad!)  Note, my bag says 80 calories but the link shows 90 calories. 

Hillshire Farm Lower Sodium Oven Roasted Turkey Breast - 60 Calories for 2 oz (makes good sandwich!)

Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat Bread - 100 Calories per slice (2 slices and some low sodium turkey and you have a 260 calorie lunch sandwich)

3 Egg white omelet (2 whites + 1 whole egg w/ yolk) - 106 Calories
Add some chopped green peppers, red onion, mushrooms and reduced fat cheese for a healthy taste! 

Hard Boiled Egg White - 17 Calories (whole egg with yolk about 75 calories)

Multi Grain Cheerios (1 Cup) - 110 Calories

Skim Milk (1 Cup) - 80 Calories

Special K Chocolatey Pretzel Cereal Bar - 90 Calories

Nutri Grain Bars (Cherry) - 120 Calories

Lay's Light Original Potato Chips - 75 Calories for1oz or about 15 chips

Special K Sea Salt Cracker Chips - 110 Calories for about 30 chips

Jennie O Turkey Burger - 200 Calories (1) 4 oz burger
Wrap this in a lettuce leaf, add some tomatoes, onion, low fat mayo and save on calories from no bun!

Kroger Lite Cherry Cheesecake Yogurt - 80 Calories  (Store brand, yours may vary in different locations)

* Of course all your 100 Calorie pack snacks as well

Fruits and veggies are always great snacks as well (click the links to see calorie info!)
Love carrots & fresh green beans that I cut into sticks and dip in low fat ranch dressing.

Keep in mind, you can still have things you love, just figure out what you can leave off to make them less calories.  For example I love Chipolte and still eat it.   I just eat it in a bowl (not a wrap), with fajita, leave off the meat and cheese and can get a burrito bowl for a little over 400 calories!  Perfect to fit in my calorie in take for a meal.  Can be less if you leave off the sour cream. Check out the Chipolte Nutrition Calculator and figure how you can save calories!  Another example, I love Skyline Chili (A Cincinnati thing!).  I figured out that I can eat a coney but leave off the hot dog and cheese and save a ton of calories (Basically a chili sandwich).  I can enjoy  more "chili" sandwiches since each has less calories without the dog and cheese.  

I hope this helps you a little with idea!  Please share with me what you like as low calorie meals/snacks.
Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Great songs to workout or walk to!

I'm always searching on the internet for ideas for songs to put on my Ipod to walk to.  I'm still working out, down 40lbs now and needs some new songs to keep motivated!   I thought I'd share what I have on my Ipod to give you some ideas of what you could add (if you don't have them already!)

1) Raise Your Glass - Pink
2) So What - Pink
3) Dynamite - Taio Cruiz
4) Just Dance - Lady GaGa
5) Poker Face - Lady GaGa
6) Bad Romance - Lady GaGa
7) Alejandro - Lady GaGa
8) Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
9) What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
10) Gonna Make You Sweat (Every Body Dance Now) - C&C Music Factory
11) Wild One - Flo Rider (Featuring Sia)
12) Bye Bye - Jo Dee Messina
13) Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
14) Low - Flo Rider (Featuring T-Pain)
15) Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
16) Bust A Move - Young MC
17) It's Getting Hot In Here - Nelly
18) Push It - Salt n Pepa

Those are my fast songs.  I have some warm up/down songs that are slower as well.
1) I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz
2) Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine (for you Twilight Fans!)
3) I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
4) Some Body That I Use To Know - Gotye (Featuring Kimbra)

Hopefully all those links are correct!  Let me know what you like to walk/work out to.  I love new ideas!
Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Will power and Workouts!

The best Birthday present I could have ever gotten was this past March, my Ipod Nano!   I wanted one to start to lose weight and give me something to listen to while walking on the treadmill.   It's wonderful (except for when I start my workout on the treadmill and realize the battery is dead! Grrrr).  

Since March 19th I have lost 32 pounds!   I have a long way to go, at least 38 more pounds to be where I want to be, but I plan on working towards it all summer, and it's so much easier than I thought it would be.  Will power and workouts!   I also use Sparkpeople.com, a great free place to track my calories, food and workouts to keep me on track.   I make sure to walk 30 minutes every night on my treadmill.  Once I get to the weight I want to be, I'll cut that back probably, but now I'm looking for serious weight loss so I have to do it every night.    And my treadmill can attest for my daily 30 minute walk/runs because it's starting to sound funny!  Just what I need.  I can't let that thing go out on me! 

Anyway I hope you get inspired to lose some weight, weather it's 5 pounds, 50 pounds or 150 pounds, once you start it's so easy and Spark People has forums where you can meet other people in your area for support!  Give it a try!  What's holding you back!

Leave a comment if you have a weight loss story to tell! 
And let me know what songs you like to workout to.  I'm always looking for new energizing songs!
I'd love to be inspired.

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chick Cupcakes - Simple and Easy!

I made these cute little guys for Easter. I wanted a simple yet festive cupcake. Some recipes used colored coconut to make the chick look fuzzy. CUTE! But was more trouble than I wanted to go through and not all kids like coconut. So I stuck with white icing and yellow food coloring. Saved a little white and added orange for a beak and found some candy eyes at target in the baking section. Simple, easy, delicious!


Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Janie and Jack clothing 20% OFF Online Coupon!

SORRY.... This coupon code has been taken! Check back soon or subscribe to my blog to get more codes as I receive them!

I have ONE coupon for 20% Off your entire purchase from Janie and Jack kids clothing online. It expires March 31, 2012 so use the contact button at the top of my blog if your interested in it! They have such cute clothes!

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

20% OFF Gymboree Online Coupon

SORRY>>>> THE COUPON HAS BEEN TAKEN. Check back for more when I get them!

I have another 20% off coupon for Gymboree Online! 20% Off entire purchase in store or online. Expires March 31, 2012. Use the contact button above to snag it from me.

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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Monday, March 5, 2012


I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

My sister-in-law runs a daycare center a few miles from my house. I have never had the need to put my kids in daycare, but there are a few days when she has been short-staffed and I have taken my kids there so I could help her in one of the classrooms. My sister-in-law has had a few bumps in the road over the years as she has managed her daycare. She ran into some problems with her internet, but then she switched to T1 Dallas internet and found that the prices were much better. She has had to increase her tuition prices a few times to cover the costs for keeping the daycare running. It is actually a difficult business to be in because as the economy changes, so does the need for childcare. One would think that as parents need more money for their families, they would need to bring them to daycare more often so that they could work. Actually, as families need more money, they often cut childcare and one parent decided to stay home with the kids instead of putting money into childcare. I am very fortunate to be able to stay home with my children.

Enjoy being a Mom All Day!
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