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Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog Name Change!

I think I'm going to be changing the name of my blog to "Wife of a W.O.W Addict"! Anyone else have a husband addicted to W.O.W (World Of Warcraft). In case you don't know what it is, it's a computer game that you get online and fight other people for pretend money so you can buy new things for your character and get to a higher level. And it's not a free addiction either.

My husband was on the computer for EIGHT HOURS the other day!! No lie. He started about 12:30 or 1pm and didn't get off until we got in an argument about it at 9PM. I even thought that when dinner came, he was actually getting off, or at least going to eat with us. He got up, fixed a plate and took it into the computer and sat there and played while he ate. I guess I know about addictions, I'm addicted to Photoshop, but I have never been on for eight hours straight. I have to get off to feed the baby, play with the baby, bathe the baby, clean up after the baby... all the mommy stuff we have to do. But when she naps I get on and when she's in bed I get on.

I guess being addicted W.O.W is better than being addicted to strip clubs or something far worse! And at least I know where he is and can see him and peek over his shoulder. So I shouldn't complain that much. But when your hubby would rather play a computer game than have some "time" with his wife, there is a serious problem. :)

If you have a W.O.W addicted hubby, please leave a comment and tell me how you cope!!

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Scrapping Servant said...

HA! I have been "coping" with my hubby's video games for years now. When we were married (7 years ago) he was addicted. He had all the console systems that were out at the time, games for each of them, and he worked at a game store!

He eventually felt like he was supposed to get rid of them all, so he sold them and picked up computer gaming. I think he just couldn't let go, so he replaced one thing with the other. He ended up getting quite a few games for his computer too including Wow which definitely made him the worst he's even been! Sometimes he could play more than 20 hours a week!

... almost two weeks ago I asked him as nice as I possibly could to get rid of all his games - and he did! You see I have been really depressed and (honestly) suicidal. Even now that the games are gone they are still a problem because he is acting like an addict dropping his drug, he's angry, lost, depressed, tense.....

I'm gonna save your blog and try to remember we have this in common... I am here for you girl if you need me... and I am praying for you.

Scrapping Servant said...


You're not alone.