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Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog GIVEAWAY! Make your own flat back marble magnents - Ends Feb 28, 2009

You may have seen these around just like me! I think they are adorable so I decided to make some and show you how... in case you don't know or haven't seen them. I also have decided to give some away in my first blog giveaway! I'll tell you below how to have a chance to win 3 magnets!

(Post this photo on your blog for 2 entries...
see more details below)
NOW for the give away! I'm giving away (4) sets of 3 magnets so you have more than one chance to win! Magnets will vary and you do not get your choice of magnets, they will be sent out at random. Of course you won't get the ones with any faces on them! :) Just fun designs like flowers, animal prints, dots and more!

ONE ENTRY - Just follow my blog and leave a comment telling me your did so! If your following already, just mention that in your comment.
TWO ENTRIES - Post about the giveaway on your blog and use the photo listed above and link it back to my giveaway.

So if you leave a comment, follow me AND link back to it on your blog you have 3 entries!

GIVEAWAY ENDS FEB 28th and winners will be chosen by Random.org.
That's it! You'll be entered to win 3 magnets!

~~~~~~~How to make the magnets~~~~~~~~
- paper, magazine photo's or family photo's will also work! Just make sure they are small enough designs to fit behind the flat back marble.
-Scissor / Xacto Knife
-Silicone, clear glue for glass. I used Decorators Solution, Clear Translucent Dimensional Silicone.
-Super Strong magnets. I used Neo Magnets (Neodymium Magnets) that came 4 to a pack for $2.99. But you can also find less expensive ones that are nice and strong also.
- Bag of flat back clear glass gem/marbles, I found at Hobby Lobby.

Use your Xacto knife to cut out the paper or photo of your choice.
I just used the marble to trace/cut around with my Xacto, but I found this handy template in my art supplies that works also.... but is not necessary.

Apply a small amount of gel to the paper

Lay the flat back marble on top

Start to press down on it gently so the gel moves to all edges.
I work mine around a little if I have to so the gel gets all the edges of the paper.

LET DRY COMPLETELY according to glue instructions.
Once dry, you can trim any excess paper from around the marble with your Xacto if needed.

Attach the magnet to the back of the flat marble with the gel glue.
Let dry completely before using the finished magnet
for maximum strength.
You can see the two types of magnets I've used.
The small silver one is the Neo Magnet... the larger black one
is the less expensive type, but just as strong.

You can get a small tin to store them or give them as a gift in.
You can use old Altoids tins or I got this at Michael's Crafts
in the check out.
It's a tin that would hold a gift certificate for a gift.

Don't forget to enter for the giveaway!! I'll post the winners in the evening of February 28th.

Enjoy being a mom all day!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I LOVE this. I am so going to make some!!!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I'm entered now! I wasn't going to play, I could just make my own, and probably will, but why not right? I linked ya girl!

zobars said...

I am a follower of your blog now.
I have blogged about it on my blog.
www.targetlover.blogspot.com and I really want to thank you for the instructions for this one. I want to make these with my daughter. thanks again.

angie said...

I need to save this page. I would love to do this with my nephews. Love it!

MarvelousMOM said...

I am so freaking excited! I love those little magnets. I am all entered. I am following you, I have posted (http://luckyinloveandlife.blogspot.com/2009/02/i-wanna-win.html), and am letting you know.

Have a wonderful Monday and week! :)

Courtney said...

How neat! Great idea!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

The pattern will be available soon at http://www.youcanmakethis.com/info/authors/1039341567!

Prairie Girl said...

Great Tackling with your sweatshirt and I just love these magnets. I have seen them before, but reading your post renewed my desire to make them.

Have a great one.

pam said...

How cute!! I don't have a crafty bone in my body, so please enter me. I just became a follower.