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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Make your own bag holder! Tackle it Tuesday

So I was looking through my closet, deciding that I could use that for my next Tackle it Tuesday and thought I'd get started by cleaning up my hoard of plastic grocery bags! I usually keep them in a top draw of a mini file cabinet in the closet, but that is so overflowing that they were falling on the floor (You'll see this in my next Tackle it Tuesday!). So I decided to take an old sweatshirt and cut off the sleeve and use that as a holder and hang it in my closet!

So this can be done MANY ways, and I just did it the fast easy way for anyone with no sewing ability to do! But my next one I may make it more fancy and actually hem the raw edges!

1) Get an old sweatshirt, preferably with an elastic or tight wrist so the bags don't just fall out.

2) Cut off the sleeve above the seam, just so you have more room.

3) Get some old string, yarn or anything you can use to hang your creation from!
I just found an old pull tie off an old glasses case and cut it off to use.
You will also need some thread and a needle, but you COULD hot glue it on also.
The bags aren't that heavy so the glue should hold pretty well, just make sure it's dry.

4) Make sure the needle goes through the yarn/string, not just around it.
You want the thread to go through the yarn/string for more support.

5) Do this 2-4 times where you put the needle/thread through the yarn and sweatshirt.

6) You should have something similar to this when your finished. Cut the excess thread off.

7) Hang and stuff with bags! VERY easy! Now you could be neat and fold over the raw edges and make a hem, add some ric rac or decorations, but like I said,
this was the easy way for anyone with no craft skills to do!
And it's hiding in my closet so no one sees it anyway.

Enjoy being a mom all day!


Susie said...

How smart is that? Awesome tackle!

Mrs. H said...

You are so clever! What a great idea! I am so grabbing a sweater I had in my "Goodwill" pile and taking this on! Thanks!

Sheila said...

That's very clever! I will be copying the instructions and try this out sometime. :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I know the others said it, but that is SUPER clever! Way to reuse and recycle!!!!

Andrea McMann said...

Neat idea! I really need to try this; my plastic sacks are taking up a whole cupboard in my kitchen!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's a pretty cool idea!

Trish said...

Great idea! I appreciate that it doesn't involve sewing; that is definitely not a strength of mine. :)

Thanks for commenting on my tackle today!

Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

That is such a clever idea! Recycling at it's finest. :)

itsahumanzoo said...

Awesome tackle! I could really use one of those for all my bags. I've been using reusable bags lately, but I have quite a huge stock still!