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Monday, July 14, 2008

Work At Home experiences

Good morning everyone!!!
I’m sure all you stay at home moms (SAHM) reading this have searched and searched and searched for work at home jobs. I’ve been there, done that. There are legitimate work at home (WAH) jobs that involve customer service, but if your like me and you have a small child that makes background noise (and doesn’t nap!), customer service calls are out of the question.
I’ve been trying to utilize my crafty abilities to make some extra money. Photography, photo editing, selling small items at the local craft shop and most recently Scrap booking and Craigslist, . Craigslists is a hidden gem! While the money can’t pay all the bills, it’s something and it makes me feel like I’m contributing to the house financially. Even it allows me to buy some diapers, milk and some basics for my toddler.
Some WAH jobs I’ve avoided are the ones that ask you to pay money up front, ask for your bank account number for direct deposits of your paycheck , or ask for your SS#. I also avoid the ones where you have to “become a member” and then sell their product to other people under you like a pyramid as in the example below. I had a lead on a WAH job where you had to become a member and spend $50 a month on their product. If you got 8 people under you to become member and buy their product too, you would be guaranteed $120 a month. But out of that $120 you had to spend $50 on their product, so you would only make $70 in the end. I know if you had more people buy the product you could make more, but it just wasn’t something I wanted to get into.
I also found another legit sounding WAH job. I interviewed on the phone, was told I could make $150 - $300 a week by just handing out business cards and getting people to call this number. Once the person called the number, the agent on the phone would take it from there and I would get paid. I even got “inside information” from the interviewer on how she became successful and better yet, I didn’t have to pay anything up front! Sounded great. I had to call a number for my first “training” class the next day. It all just sounded too good to be true so I started surfing the web for more information on them. Ten minutes before I was suppose to call for my class, I found a ton of negative things about them on a Rip Off site. People weren’t getting money that was owed to them, money was being taken out of their accounts, paychecks that people actually would receive were bouncing. I was not about to go through all that, so I just didn’t call! I did email the woman who interviewed me and explained what I had found out and that I wasn’t comfortable going any further. She never did reply, not that I actually expected her to.
I would love to apply at AlpineAccess.com. They have been featured on Good Morning America and they take taxes out of your check as opposed to some places where you do your own taxes. But again it‘s a customer service job that probably wouldn‘t work for me at this time. I guess in the end, what I‘m trying to say is if you can’t find a legitimate work at home job that suits you, take a look at yourself and see what you have to offer others and come up with your own business! Even if it’s small, it can still benefit your home!

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